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    1.3 - Online Interface

    1.3.1 - Login

    Once you have login into the system you will be first presented with the list of publication volumes in the projects. By selecting one of them you will open a session on your name and that volume will be assigned to you. Nobody else will be able to select that volume later on. The system will keep the status of your work. Next time you will log in the session ( or sessions ) that are opened with your name will be shown first, before the list of available volumes. You could then select to resume the work and the system will be restored with the situation you left last time you were working on it.

    1.3.2 - How It Works: Sessions and Status

    A session will go though a number of different phases. Pagination information have to be entered before article information can be provided. Once you have finish with the pagination, by clicking the corresponding *Finish* button, the session will change its status to gathering article information. The interface will then change to allow you to enter title, authors and other article information. You will not be able to return to the pagination mode. Once you decide your pagination is finished, if you realize that you made a mistake on the page numbering, only ADS staff will be able to change the session status. Please, check that the numbers you entered are correct before continuing.

    Finally, when all the article information is collected, you will close the session, changing its status to completed. Automatically ADS staff will be informed and all the data you provided will be then verified and included in the ADS databases.

    You will receive a report once or twice a month with the latest news on the advancement of the project and with a review of your contribution. If you do not want to receive these mails you can disable that feature from the subscription page.

    1.3.3 - Logout

    Data are saved while you enter it, so you do not need to logout, nor need to finish data entry in one sitting. When you decide to stop working just use your browser to go to anywhere else you want to go (or simply close the browser's window). This is ok since the session status and related data are saved at each interaction with the interface. Next time you login you will be able to resume at the exact point where you left off.

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