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    2.1 - Page Numbering
    In the page numbering interface the software collects page numbers and types for each of the scanned images of a volume.

    2.1.1 - Moving Through Images
    To navigate through the volume images a first group of links appear at the top of the interface with Prev, Next, First and Last links. These links will advance page by page ( if in page mode ) or by group of thumbnails if in thumbnail mode.

    You can directly go to an image by entering the image number in the top-left field marked as Image#.

    To change from thumbnail mode to page mode click on the scanned image and the mode will toggle.

    2.1.2 - Enter Page Numbers
    Page numbers can be entered in the field labeled as Page# at the left of the interface. You can also enter a page number at the input field associated with each of the images in the thumbnail frame. Remember to enter the correct page type before setting the page number.

    Every time you enter a new page number, the software will set a mark in the image table that will contain page number and page type. The software will automatically number all pages from a page mark to the next one. In this way you only need to enter page numbers when the sequential numbering is broken for whatever reason.

                2.1.3 - Page Type
                2.1.4 - Choosing A Page Number
             - Implied Pages
             - Insert and Plates
             - Plates At End of Volume
             - Front Matter
             - Trailing Blank Pages
             - Appendices
                2.1.5 - Duplicate Pages
                2.1.6 - Comments
                2.1.7 - Last Image Marked
                2.1.8 - Finish With Page Numbering
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