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    1 - Overview
    1.1 - Introduction

    The ADS Historical Literature project has been launched with the aim of fully integrating historical literature into the ADS databases. ADS in collaboration with the John G. Wolbach Library and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics have digitized microfilms from selected historical publications in astronomy, including observatory reports, bulletins and annals. Currently over 170 serials counting for a total of 300,000 scanned pages have been made available online. The scanned images represent the sequence of pages, including front and back matter for the volumes. As a result, the page numbers of the scanned images are unknown.

    To be able to browse and search this publications by page number or article information the corresponding metadata needs to be collected.

    We have, within ADS, developed a software tool to facilitate the entry of this type of metadata by users and librarian willing to contribute to improve access to this valuable collection.

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